Thursday, May 11, 2017

Choosing The Right Partner

  Choosing The Right Partner for my work out in Mauy Thai is a serious decision and a very important one for me every time I have a class. I mean, this is the person that is going to be legally allowed to hit me and that I can hit for almost 1 hour.

   Who knew that getting the right training partner was such an important decision?!...It is very important for my advancement and learning process. I didn't know how weak I was until I started to train, then 2 years later, I didn't know how strong my body was going to become. I am still mentally shocked at the changes in my body. Being able to do so much more physically and regained so much energy.

   I really didn't pay attention at the beginning, but then I started to notice that at the time of picking a partner after the warm out work outs, I was the ugliest duckling in the class who was left without a training partner, so I had to be placed in a group with 2 other people. There was something going on that I quite didn't understand.  lol

   Finally, I figured out that to land a good training partner, I would have to ask someone to be my partner ahead, before the class started !!! Bingo!!!!  I cracked part of the code and unspoken social rule.

   So, I still remember that one partner who rejected me, once that I had asked him and he agreed to be my partner, right before class, he dump me, he actually dropped me, and chose another partner for whatever reasons. Well, that was mean !   I was crushed ! Anyhow, I never asked him again to be my partner. However, this was a great experience because I learned to handle rejection and see the great part of it, where you move on to the next partner and learn so much more with so many different people.

   Training with advanced students is a privilege, because they correct me, teach me, and give me hints of how to do things better and what parts need improvements in training.  Now, when I do train with beginners, I can see how much progress I had made in the sport.

   I really love to train with men for the one reason, the different body types and sizes help me to measure and practice hits on different body types. I can also hit them with as much force as I can, they can handle it. Of course, with our protective gears.

   Training with women is lovely, because some of them are extremely strong and hit as hard as men. Of course, when my energy level is below normal level, I pick some of the newer students, because I know, they won't hit me as hard.

   Now, you know part of the code to get the Right Training Partner.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Homeless Man

As I rode the train yesterday, a homeless man in the train was asking for money in the train as usual in NY. He came right next to me, too close for comfort, he stayed right near me within my personal space and stood there almost falling down with his head down. My first instinct of defending myself and being ready and aware to subdue him if he tried to touch me or hit me kicked in. That was my first reaction and thoughts.

As he stayed there so close and quiet, I gave him money. I thought he would leave and move on to ask the other people. He did not !  I was confused. Thinking withing myself, why is he next to me, why he picked me out of everyone in the train, when I was completely covered with my coat and barely showing my face... Why me ?!!!...

Then, He moved a bit and held the poll right in front of me, it looked like he was going to fall down as he moved his head down and down and up, he looked disoriented or under some chemical influence. Then, I started to feel sorry for him, and see him as a human, who just needed some kind of help. So I told him, "sit down" and he did sit next to me, for a few more minutes. Then, by the next stop, he got up and left the train.

 I think  that this man, didn't just needed money, he needed kindness, love, and compassion. Maybe a mother figure in his life to give him some kind of comfort. Who knows...Anyhow, it was kind of a strange experience.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Other Side

Last night I had a dream where I went to drive a car and a cassette played on the radio, it was John's clear voice, the only thing it said was:

" I am very angry and disappointed"

While I had seen him and many of my late relatives in my dreams frequently, this is the first time, that I was able to hear his voice in the most clear way as if he was still so alive. This is such a strong message from the other side and I can understand why he might feel that way.

While the other side has proven to be a really nice peaceful and calm place, I believe that sometimes our late relatives get sad and unhappy as to how things unfold, drama, hate, and issues that arise and develop when someone in the family is gone.

Sometimes, we as widows and grieving families become so angry at a dead loved One, and it is such a waste of time and emotions (guilty as charged), because when someone dies, that is it, he/she is gone and can only exist in a spiritual way.

It takes a lot of emotional exercises to really realized that the dead Loved One did his/her best and that was it. And when he/she failed us, it was only out of ignorance. And finally, we have to remember that we were loved unconditionally by him/her.

John knew he was dying, and he chose death, because he refused over and over to seek medical help. It was his choice and with that I live. As much as I loved and cared for him, it was his choice to refuse the ambulance on his first small stroke, his choice to lie to the doctor about not having chest and left arms pains, his choice to not want to go to an emergency rooms 3 days before his death date when he told me he wasn't feeling good.

So, yes, I can truly understand his message. I can sleep really well at night on my own.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Grand St. Brooklyn N.Y. 11211

Someone is getting signatures for a petition to change the Traffic pattern on Grand st. When the L train shuts down.

They want to make specific lanes for Buses and Bikes which will result in us loosing Parking spots and Meters on Grand st.

DO NOT SIGN, don't support this plan. While they don't have enough information on their plan, I am sure lanes will be restricted to Buses and Bikes and the average driver or person will get fines for going on those lanes. And of course meters will be taken off to allow space for those Buses and Bike lanes just like the way it is in NYC, where is impossible to park or drive in those specific designated lanes.


Empire Lock
648 Grand st.
Brooklyn,NY 11211
(718) 599-0464

Friday, August 12, 2016


God is Omnipresent, God is here, there, and all over at the same time. God is everything, God is unlimited. As humans we are restricted to human thinking, so is difficult for some people to grasp the concept or understand the reality and presence of God. God doesn't have a body, He is in all bodies, Auras, and matter. He is dimensionally unlimited.

As a human, I searched for Him, I nagged Him, I talked to Him, I prayed, I asked questions, and in the back of my mind, I was full of doubts about Him being here and listening, I thought that I was too insignificant to be listen to. Guess what, He always listen, He is always around, once He is called upon.

My spiritual search, which is my own journey, and only me can understand, I will try to write in a simple form and hopefully, you the reader can "get it". My search has been inspired by the deep love I have for God and by my curiosity.

God answers: The way that God answers and communicate with us, varies in many different ways. He does it by giving us signs, or  by an inner voice that one hears and one knows, the voice is not from you, but a voice that is really speaking to you. And sometimes, His voice will be real, where one can hear it in their ears (which is rare to happen). One must be a truly Divine person to hear the voice in actuality by the sense of the Ears.

It is very interesting how the medical field acknowledges that people hear voices and label them as mentally insane (schizophrenia), yet the medical field won't admit that indeed God talks to some people. Yes, it is true, some people do hear voices and are mentally sick, just like some Divine people also hear God's voice and communicate with Him, just like Paramahansa Yogananda did.

As I read books from Paramahansa Yogananda, there is no doubt in my mind that he had direct communion and direct communication with God. As someone who visited his home The Mother Center in CA and Lake Shrine, I can confirm that he did. He was bigger than what I thought to my
astonishment. His books are Divinely inspired.

With this post I hope to help those in understanding the ways God talks and answers. Since, I had to figure it out on my own, and it took me many years to do so. I hope this will open up the minds of some people who are in the same quest as I was. While, I wasn't sure about writing this, I do believe that God wanted me to share, and so I did. Faith can be controversial and is something that many times, is better not to share or talk about it.

By no means, I am trying to say or imply that I am a saint, this is just my own spiritual quest and findings. I am as human as you are.

I will admit to having had a real communion with God. If you experience it, you will know what it is and what it feels like.

An authentic communion with God doesn't happen when one is taking those communion classes in church, it happens when One goes into meditation focused on God.

My God is your God.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Foreskin and Body Heat

Foreskin helps the male body retain body heat. As I was volunteering at a fund raising event were everyone was to be dressed only in underwear, I greeted all of my friends with a hug as I always do. It caught my attention that one of my male friends who is from Europe, had a very warm body, and when I say warm, it was almost as if he had a small fever. Since we were all in our underwear I got to touch their backs and bellies as I hugged all of them.

All the American male friends had a colder or not warm body temperature at all, they had more like a room temperature. Which I was so curious as to why that friend from Europe had such a warm body, so I asked him "How come your body was so warm?" I was worried, maybe he was sick for that event. His answer was plain and simple "It is because of the Foreskin Aura, it helps to keep the body heat"

I was amazed and shocked at the new information. Then I started to see the correlation of warm body heat and Foreskin. I asked a few friends if they knew about this correlation and nobody will say that they knew or read about this. As I believe it is true and started to pay attention to all the friends and family that I hugged, it proves to be right in my experience.

No wonder why my 2 male sons have a warm body heat as well. As I searched on the web for more information I didn't see any articles about Foreskin and Body Heat, which I hope someone in the medical field will take notice and do some formal studies. This is one more reason why Foreskin is healthy and natural for males babies and it must be kept intact.

I encourage everyone to take notice of male body heat and see what I am writing about.

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Presence of God

  In my quest for soul satisfaction going into very deep meditations, I had been able to feel such a strong presence of God in my life and around me, that I even get my mind shocked, and I think how can some people not believe in God?!

  Little things that makes life sweet, funny, and interesting. Like the other evening my son got upset at me, he left my place with my car keys. He wanted to take the car for a drive. I didn't know of his plans until I saw him walk back in with a worried look. He said "Something's wrong with your ignition, your car is not turning on"

  So first, I was shocked at what he tried to do, second I joke on him on how God is in my side and didn't let him drive my car ( I had the best laugh), third my car never had a problem of that matter.

  When I went to check on my car, I noticed that the steering column had locked and it didn't allow the ignition to turn on, something that is very normal on cars to do, however my car had never done that. I unlocked the steering column and drove my car.

   For me that was like such a true act of God showing me that he is with me. I was really happy to feel God's presence in such a way.