Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scam Alert

There are a few different numbers that are calling people and pretending to be law offices or other agencies and telling people that they are going to file a law suit against you and that you must pay money  for some unknown bill. Do not give into these crooks. Sometimes, they will confirm your identity by giving you the last four digits of your social security number, address, name and so on.

You can find out very fast that they are crooks if you Google their phone number. Do not give any information, the first thing you must say is that you are reporting them with the police department of your area.

I will be posting these numbers here, so you will be able to know some of them. I am always getting these calls and I almost fell for it, they almost scam me for $498.00 dollars.

They are very good at what they do.

If you have anymore numbers that had or tried to scam you, please email it to me so I can add them to this blog. It is time to fight back America.  Email it to:

Here is the first number:


206-430-5392    One more number from scam artist. There is a machine who call you from this number give you a reference number and tells you to call as soon as possible because there is a Legal Action claim that is going to be file against you. When you call, they act like they are lawyers and that you must pay a fee. They are very creative and will sound like they are totally doing the legal thing to make you pay.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Aura's Art

I want to share most of my Art pieces made in different times, with different materials. Hope that you enjoy this entry. Most of these arts are decorating the places of friends and family. Sometimes sold, sometimes gifted.

"I Am" made it in February 2015.  40x30. Donated to BARC Shelter at 253 Wythe ave Brooklyn.

"Flow"  made in January 2015:

Blue Jay made on a wall mural at 304 Meserole st. in 2011.

Fun Day:

The Beach on a piece of wood.  2002.

Child's Dream. One of my favorite piece.

Intact Baby. Love this one too. It is on a wall mural at 304 Meserole st.

 Bare feet on Rocks.

Beach on a rock. Small rock.

Bag Hand painted.

The beach small  4x6. As you can tell, the beach is one of my favorite things to paint 2013.

Beach on a small rock. The coin is for a visual reference of the size of the rock.

In The Shower 24x36.

Cat in The Hat 2004.

Chicken Love 2004. Sold.

Part of the Amor de Leones Art.

My lovely dog, Diesel painted on a rock.

Dreams.  Art on a wine bottle.

Working Hand. 2012.

Puppy on a rock. Sold.

Window art painting. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Dolphins on a small wood.

Mural on a door.

Wine bottle side 1.

Wine bottle painting side 2



 Sticker with my painted butterflies and my design.

Hand painted T-shirt.

Falling In Love 2012.

Silly art  made on my phone.

Full Of Shit. 2012.

 Tina. She never made it to the US. 2008.

Artistic bottle.

Blue Sex Goddess. A copy.

File Energy, doodle 3/15:

Blow Me Away, 9/2013:

Baby Dino in ceramic.

Butterfly on a tray.

A very nice picture of a summer sidewalk flower in Brooklyn, NY.

Picture by me. A very Artistic picture. 2009.

Butterfly on a side walk

Come back and check  more paintings, I will upload more pictures of my Arts as time allows me.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


My life had been full of so many unexplained, rare, weird, and majestic moments that I want to start writing and share most of them with the world.

My Husband was admitted to the hospital on  a Friday evening. He had suffered a small stroke and in the next few days, the doctor informed him that he had had silent heart attack. His heart showed the damage in the tests that were done. When I left him in the hospital, neither him or me knew what was the problem. I just knew that something was seriously wrong with his health.

On early Saturday morning about 4:00 something AM, I heard his voice clearly call me "Aura" as if he was calling me, it woke me up. I looked around and he was not there. I swear, it really sounded like he was in our bedroom, right there, it sounded so clear that I woke up and looked around. I was shocked in my mind. I felt weird. I felt scared because I didn't know if he had passed away in the hospital.

The realization of loosing my life partner in a moment, gave me the worst fear for a moment. My companion, my mate not being with me, sharing our lives and doing things together. I was possessed and destroyed by a feeling of loneliness and lost. As if the half of me was gone.

I went to the hospital and became very happy to know that he was alive.Then, I gained peace of  mind because I always think that there is a Divine purpose for things to happen, and tried not to worry too much for what was going on at that moment with his health. I just visualized the issue and put it in the Divine's hand and said inside of me, "Lord, I will accept your Divine plan."

It was a moment of uncertainty, of not knowing what is going to happen next. I was a surprised by the way I handled the difficulties that I knew were to come. I was able to practice something that I had learned in my Reiki classes. I pray not for an outcome that I want, I pray for the Divine to do what is best for the higher good of all.

On the 4th day, he was back home. It took him a while to get back to normal, he made a good recovery and his doctor was amazed by it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dominicans Vs. Haitians

Well people, I try not to talk much about politics but sometimes I have to give a personal opinion on issues that bother me and bite me, as is the current problem of Dominicans with Haitians.
First, we are all equal in the sight of God our creator. We all have red blood. The story is written for everyone convenience. Let's cut racism and differences learned from our past wrongful teachings. If Haitians want to come to the Dominican Republic all let them. After all, Haitians do work that many Dominicans won't, they are great people. Some Dominicans think they are too good for themselves. Learn to have common sense. The Spanish alliance is the only one that Dominicans want to recognize, all the Spaniards wiped out the Indians and took all the resources of our country. The Dominican  comes to the United States, becomes resident and then American. Works and thrives to succeed in the US. Why must Dominicans deny that opportunity to our Haitian brothers? because laws are only good when it's convenient to one own's agenda?
Enough with the racism!
I mean, I was born in the Dominican Republic, finished High school in the D.R. and completed a Bachellor's degree in the United States. That's why there is a saying "Those who  does not come to New York, die as blind people (with all respect to blind people, this is a refran, something that is said as an analogy). Remember that we all have the black color behind the ears.

Dominicanos Vs. Haitianos

Bueno senores, yo trato de no hablar mucho de politica pero hay veces que tengo que dar una opinion personal de asuntos que me molestan y me pican, como es el problema actual de los Dominicanos con los Haitianos.
En primer lugar, todos somos iguales ante los ojos de Dios nuestro creador. Todos llevamos la sangre roja. La historia esta escrita a favor de cada quien. Dejemonos de el racismo y las diferencias aprendidas de nuestros ante pasados. Si los Haitianos quieren todos venir a Republica Dominicana dejenlo. Total los Haitianos hacen trabajos que muchos Dominicanos no harian. Algunos Dominicanos son demasiado comparones. Aprendan a tener sentido comun. La alianza Espanola es la unica que los Dominicanos quieren reconocer, total los espanoles acabaron con los Indios y tomaron todos los recursos de nuestro pais. El Dominicao cuando viene a los Estados Unidos, se convierte en residente y luego en Americano. Trabaja y prospera, porque le deben negar esa oportunidad a nuestros hermanos Haitianos? a porque la cosa nadamas es buena cuando es conveniente?
Ya basta de el racismo!
Digo, yo naci en La Republica Dominicana con estudios the bachiller y Universidad de los Estados Unidos. Por eso es que dicen que el que no viene a Nueva York, muere con los ojos cerrados. Recuerdense que el negro lo llevamos todos detras de la orejas.
Basta ya!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Circumcision Is A Horrible Choice For A Newborn Baby

Today, I am writing something that I have many strong feelings about. This blog entry is one that is long overdue and that I should had done a while ago. I am talking about the extreme harm Circumcision does to a Newborn Baby.

When my older son was about 14 years old, he started to have small pain in his penis. I took him to his regular doctor and her first recommendation was to get him circumcised. The first thing I did was to go on Youtube and on the Internet to research what kind of surgery it was, and how it was done. When I read and saw pictures and videos, I felt dizzy and like throwing up. How can anyone do this to his/her own child?... How can a male boy take this type of pain?!!!

I didn't took my son back to the doctor. I chose to let it be. I told my son that this type of surgery will hurt him too much. The small pain/discomfort that he had was from the foreskin when he used to get an erection and he was masturbating. Naturally, with time, the foreskin outgrew and he stop having the small pain he used to have on his penis.

I also learned about and intactivists. I was very happy to know that there is a large group of people who are very dedicated to protection all male Newborns from this type of surgery. It is common sense people, this is something that is so horrible, that there is no way in hell that if a Newborn Baby could talk, he would agree to this kind of surgery.

Any parent can go on the Internet and read and see how unnecessary this surgery is. The mental trauma, the possibilities of Death by this surgery, the possibility of a  botched circumcision, is not worth the risk. Many websites and writers will write what is convenient to their side of the story, and say that the good outcome out rule the pain of the baby. WRONG!. These writers only write and support their own personal views not the facts. In many internet articles where writers are pro-circumcision, they won't even allow comments, because they know they are misleading the public and they only want to put their views out there.

The physical damage done to a penis, the mental damage done to a Newborn with the circumcision surgery, is one that will have a very negative forever lasting effect in the child's life. Think about it before you make that choice for your newborn. It is your child's body, your child needs to decide when he is older enough to understand what that surgery is all about.

The foreskin is like the eyelid to the eye, think about it. It is a normal part of the body that has a very important function to keep the head penis lubricated, to keep the penis more sensitive (with more feelings), to allow a better sexual experience, to prevent the poop from going into the urine canal, and many more things that any parent can read and find out in the following websites or all over the internet like:

With today's wealth of free information on the Internet, not knowing or being Ignorant is a choice.
I had done work with and when I was reading about it, to translate in Spanish, I would often ask if this was real, if these type of things were done to the baby while in the surgery, I was shocked out of my mind, and could not process and believe it that this horrible acts are done in what is the most sensitive part of a Newborn baby. I read and saw videos on this surgery that it got to a point where I would be having nightmares and where I can not see one more video of a baby being circumcised because it makes me cry and I get depressed. I try not to see those videos anymore. Just imagine, how a baby is feeling when this is done to his body.

If you are a parent to be, and planning to get your Newborn circumcised, just remember one thing, you are cutting something off that will never grow back. And how are you going to answer to your child when he grows and ask you why did you do it, can you live with that?...There are companies with foreskin restoration products, still it does not work for many men. The foreskin does not grow back that easy.

Circumcision is rape, it is sexual mutilation.

I have two intact teenagers sons who  are both happy being intact. They understand the risks and pains of that surgery. I asked my smaller son if he wanted to be circumcised when he was 11 and his answer looking at me straight in the eyes "No Way !" . I only asked him to see his response.

So common sense, if a child who is 11 years old that gets to know about circumcision says No Way, what makes any parent think that a non-talking Newborn baby will say "Yes"?! ...

For those who say that UTI are more probable with foreskin and that is harder to clean, WRONG!
In my case, my two intact sons NEVER had a UTI or any issues where I had to take them to the ER for a foreskin issue. All you need to do is soap and water to clean up the penis gently. Many parents do not retract the foreskin because there is no need to retract, like my smaller son who had a foreskin covering all of the head of his penis, there was no need to retract the foreskin, I just let it be, and he never had an issue.

If you do have a babysitter taking care of your Newborn, all you have to ask her is to change the diaper frequently and clean and wipe every time she changes the diaper, that's it, very simple.

I grew up in the Dominican Republic. Parents do not circumcise their babies, most Dominican Men have foreskin. My cousin who is a doctor in the DR was going to have the circumcision done, just because he thought it was a better choice as an adult. When I heard him I laughed so much. I told him everything I knew and refer him to the Internet and he quickly changed his mind to not getting that surgery done.

Many Spanish cultures don't do circumcision to their babies. In America, sometimes the doctors try to mislead the parents by saying how much better and healthier the circumcision is, just because these are doctors who are pro-circumcision and the doctors and hospitals make more money when they do this surgery, it is not because it is the best choice for your Newborn baby.

When a circumcised man says that circumcision had desensitized his penis, that he feels less, that it is difficult for him to reach an orgasm, I can relate to that, because when I was a young girl, I cut my leg while I was playing and it took a long while for that cut to heal. When it did finally heal, the new skin that covered the cut, had less sensitivity. For some reason the new skin feel less than my regular skin, I touch it but I don't feel my finger completely on it. That part on my skin never regained sensitivity.

Women who say that foreskin is gross, don't know how to handle a penis and are not Good in Bed,  yeah, yeah, I said it ! ...they are not good sexual partners. I say that because if you love a man, you are supposed to love everything about him. It is not about just your female pleasure and what you like, it is about loving, accepting and feeling good. If a woman really like his sexual partner, the foreskin is just more pleasure to play with, there is so much love, fun, and things to do when a man has foreskin.

I had also read misleading reports about how circumcision prevents HIV, this is the most outrageous misleading information anyone can tell you. STD's and HIV are passed on with sexual contact, skin to skin. There is no way in reality that circumcision prevents contracting HIV. I really think that some people and/or doctors want more people to get sick so they stay in business and make more profits.

To finalize this entry, I only hope that you as a reader can understand the extreme, horrible choice that circumcision is for you Newborn baby if you are going to have one. In the hopes that as a parent you love and protect that new angel you have in your life, your Newborn.

With Love and Care, always hoping for the best,

Monday, June 9, 2014

Loose Thoughts

This entry is going to be about those loose Thoughts that in ordinary circumstances I would tame and shut them off, but I choose to let them out and slide in the open webs of the internet. I like stretching ideas and thoughts, I like to go beyond from the norm, break the mold of thinking and see where it takes me. Most of the time, it brings me a good laugh, and I hope it does the same thing for you.

WARNING: if you are too religious or easily offended, please do Not read further and step away!

One more time, get off this page if you get easily offended or if you are judgmental...

On the other hand, If you really like this, feel free to pick and keep updated on my original page that gets the best out of me, like a great orgasm at:

This is a never ending Entry, where I will keep coming back to put more  Loose Thoughts as I get them sliding through my mind. I am fascinated by the concept of never ending as the constant flow of the sea waters, who never cease to be and it's always there. No one can stop the sea waters from being, It's always there, never ending for ever and ever.

Some of the thoughts will be in   " "    which means I am quoting someone's thoughts.

Ojos para los que quieren ver,
Oidos para los que quieren oir,
Corazon solo para los que desean aman.
Aura 6.9.14

How interesting it would be if prior to being born, in some magical way, the designers of the human body will reproduced a body based on only what it can do, for example, people who can not love others would be born without a Heart. What is the point of some humans having a heart if they won't use it?!


Once a dreamer is always a dreamer ...


I am so frustrated ! Ugghh !!! In my dreams I see and visit so many beautiful and amazing places, that I take pictures of while dreaming and then I wake up and have no place to find those pictures, Where do I go to find those pictures I take while dreaming ?!!!! makes me wanna scream Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !


I have such weirds, horribles, wacked dreams that I will never need drugs to entertain myself. Every night I look towards meeting myself in my dreams because I am surely fun and out of this world when I dream. I am also a Horrible person, so bad and so horrible that when I wake up, I think "Damn, why did I do that" ... I can't get enough of myself and my unconscious, I am sure an entertaining and mind blowing character. 


Flavored Condoms are double the pleasure, because you get a Blow Job and a fuck out of one use.


When you are looking at a person' s profile on FB, do you know which album has the most interesting pics?!
I do, it's the Mobile uploads album: )


I see my forever and ever in your eyes.
I see my forever and ever in your presence.
I can only hope that you can find yourself in my eyes,
and that you can feel the forever and ever in my essence.
That is the eternity of all.
Aura 6.6.14


My son is sooo much my son. He is almost turning 18 and he go and ask his dad:
"Dad, what would you do if you find out I am not your son?"
His Dad's answer:
"If you are not my son, then you owe me a Lot of money"

Like they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the


Even when you are at the top of the food chain, you're still one of the fishes.
Aura 8/2014


Who knew that the cat's fifth leg was so tasty ! I should had  found it sooner.
Aura 8/25/14

If I buy 3 leches and when I eat it, I only taste 2 leches, can I demand a refund?
Aura 8/2014


If One's family pay for One's funeral and One wake up from the dead, do the family gets a refund?
Preguntas que uno se hace?...


Life is more than Life.


I live to Dream, for what is life is not but a Dream !

An eternity is a moment, when I am under your covers.
Aura 6.10.14


If you are trying to make sense out of this senseless world, you minus well flush your intellect down the toilet.
Aura 8/2014


Ojos para los que quieren ver,
Oidos para los que quieren oir,
Corazon solo para los que desean aman.
Aura 6.9.14

I am so frustrated ! Ugghh !!!  In my dreams I see and visit so many beautiful and amazing places, that I take pictures of while dreaming and then I wake up and have no place to find those pictures, Where do I go to find those pictures I take while dreaming ?!!!! makes me wanna scream Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

I want to be like a Distraction & a Bad Habit, 'cause they are both hard to break. ;)   
Aura    1.20.13


"It takes a real woman to undestand a real man."


How do you meassure feelings? !
With a  Feelometer    or Feelmemeter  ?
Aura 11/2012